Getting your Move On (and a Giveaway!)

Did you know that I walk 5 miles every day even in the long winter months?

Yes, I said every day.

And, that I achieve this while attending meetings and speaking with clients? In fact when I first started writing this blog post, I was walking at the time?

“How is that possible”, I hear you ask!

Well, I achieve this level of activity thanks my trusty TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. A robust ergonomically designed desk crafted to enable you to place a treadmill beneath it and walk while you work! It has been a key factor in keeping me moving, my brain engaged and my energy levels high since September 2014!

When I received my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2009, I was told that movement would help, that light exercise was important, and that the more static I was the more painful my body would become.

The message was clear. Movement was critical.

But, to me this was crazy-talk. My body hurt. All over. The last thing I felt like doing was exercising.

I was so depressed – dealing with a level of postpartum depression coupled with the aftermath of a broken relationship, not to mention being a single mom to a 9 month old…

Why would I exercise? When would I exercise? Dang it! – why the hell should I?

At this time, I was working over 60 hours every week. When was I going to find the time?  Going to gym couldn’t be a priority!

Countless visits to my chiropractor resulted in a script detailing supplements to support my body, in combination with a Paleo diet, plus a line stating “30 Minutes of Low Impact Exercise Daily”.  I took the supplements. I ate the Paleo-style diet. But, I could not find the time nor the motivation to complete the required 30 minutes of low impact exercise daily.

As a result my lower back was seizing from sitting at my desk for hours on end, and my shoulders were becoming hunched, not to mention my legs were swollen from reduced lymphatic flow. My chiropractor would adjust me. I would feel better for a few days, but my posture  and time at my desk was counterproductive, and soon I conceded I just needed to move!

I was overweight, self-conscious and simply couldn’t find the time to physically go to the gym.

On days when I could manage 30 minutes at our local YMCA, I felt embarrassed about how I looked, not to mention intimidated by the pain and attempted to work out but I was quickly exhausted and overwhelmed.

So, I turned to home exercise DVDs. I would see advertisements and get sucked in by the promised results and think, if they can do it then I can do it

Sadly, the nature of intense exercise programs like Jillian Michaels’ Shred also defeated me. I would flare to the point where exercise was simply out of the question.

My body needed to gently get moving and slowly repair, not get hit over the head with a sledge hammer! What I was asking my body to do was the equivalent to attempting to run a marathon having just got up from the couch…

This pattern continued until I found The Autoimmune Protocol in 2014.

As I started to reverse my Autoimmune Diseases, my body really wanted to move again. At the same time, my depression started to lift, so not only was my body feeling stronger but my head too was back in the game!

When a former colleague posted on Facebook a picture of her working at a treadmill desk… – a light bulb went off.

I could work AND move!

For the first time, I saw hope on the horizon. For my birthday my parents bought me a treadmill and I invested in my TrekDesk!treadmill

Starting slowly I walked for 30 minutes each day. I would walk while attending meetings where I didn’t have to talk! As my body got stronger, I naturally increased the time I walked – even managing to coordinate typing, walking and talking!!!

It’s amazing what a girl can do when brain fog lifts!

I’m sure you can understand how I got a real kick out of seeing that Sarah Ballantyne a.k.a The Paleo Mom also has a TrekDesk when she shared a picture of herself using her own TrekDesk. Knowing how Sarah researches, I knew I was onto something good!

Cut to present day and I am now walking on average of 5 miles every day. And it feels great! My lymphatics have improved greatly and my posture and back pain have virtually been eliminated, to the point where I am now physically able to work out with a virtual personal trainer twice per week. Limited time still impacts me from going to the gym, so connecting with my personal trainer via SKYPE who checks my posture and my form is certainly key to me regaining my strength! The Bacon Kid even joins in!

Seriously people, I never thought I would say it’s good to plank, but it is!

The gentle movement also helped me stay far more focused on my work, helping me remain engaged in meetings that I am participating in, and also in helping me retain information that is being shared with me!  As a Learning Strategist who creates training courses to be interactive and engaging this makes so much sense as the movement is re engaging my brain to focus…

The investment I made in the TrekDesk ($500) and a Manual Treadmill ($129)  has been a truly life changing investment in my health, and really has helped me regain so much! Not to mention the savings I received from no longer needing the Chiropractor so regularly!


My Trek Desk Buddy, Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom and I have teamed up and we have this fantastic giveaway which will ensure that you are getting your move on! Head over to Sarah’s blog to read the science behind the importance of gentle movement!

One lucky winner will win a TrekDesk, a Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill, and 1 month of AIP  Health Coaching ( 4 x 30 Minute Coaching Sessions) with yours truly!

Entering is easy!  Sign up for both ThePaleoMom and The Bacon Mum newsletters (don’t worry, you’re e-mail address is safe with us!  we’ll never share and we’ll never spam you) and get bonus entries for following each of us on social media sites and by commenting below!

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May the odds be ever in your favor!

43 thoughts on “Getting your Move On (and a Giveaway!)

  1. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism in April, I just started working with a doctor that is helping with total body health, better easing and more movement is part of her plan for my health and I go to crossfit three days a week, since January. (How I found the thyroid issue was I could not lose weight with even intense workouts). But I still need to move more to lose nearly 80 pounds to be at the highest BMI for my height. I telecommute and am trying to squeeze in four miles a day on off days from gym, which takes over an hour at six in the morning which means either less meal prep time or less sleep. If I could multi task walking and working I could have more time for meal prep, sleep, family time and reading. I do stand but now ready to try the next level of movement.

  2. I work from home and lead a sedentary life style. I was diagnosed with R.A. last year. My knees and elbows are most affected, making it hard to lift weights or do much knee bending. A desk like this and AIP coaching would change my life!
    I recently experienced a breakup that has left me debated and alone. The depression is almost more than I can bare. I need some serious, outside change.
    Thank you!

  3. I have been diagnosed with Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis. I had no idea how bad my immune system was until this year. I have been missing a lot of work because I seem to catch every bug brought my way. I have been paleo for the last year but have recently gone completely AIP. Thank you for this article, nothing seemed to improve and now I know I just need to move more. I may just take up pacing at my desk if nothing else.

  4. My mother and I are on a general health journey together and this would be a huge help (we also work together) ! So excited for the giveaway !

  5. Thank you for offering this! It would be amazing to win and get myself gently moving again. I have several autoimmune conditions including Lupus and Sjogrens that have seriously progressed over the past few years, leaving me in a very decreased state of health. I used to be fit and healthy and think this would be a great mode of exercise which would benefit me tremendously.

  6. While I never seem to win anything, I would LOVE to win this giveaway! It seems all my favorite Paleo bloggers/experts are touting the benefits of the treadmill desk, and I am convinced I need one too! You and the AIP have changed my life. With this desk, I could get gentle exercise and keep up with my favorite blogs! Win/Win!

  7. I would love to win the TredDesk because I spend a lot of time at home thinking about working out, but never really do. And, I also spend a lot of time reading. Seems like I could combine the two activities with this prize.

  8. Blown away by this giveaway. I was already shopping for a treadmill desk and trying to figure out how to fit it into my budget. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  9. Being a college student with an autoimmune disease, finding time to meal prep is already difficult, but it’s especially hard to find time to exercise. The countless hours I spend studying at the library could be put to much better use with this treadmill desk! I’d be forever grateful!

  10. We have been wanting one of these soooo much!!! Every since I became disabled with ‘gastroparesis’ ( paralyzed stomach ) 7 years ago, my hubby has needed to work from home to take care of me. His ‘desk’ is an old diningroom table with a pillow-laiden chair. It’s been our dream to get him a Standing Work Station / Desk!! Sadly, I am sooo sick that it’s all we can do to get to the grocery store on the weekends and I’m too worn out to do any ‘extra’ shopping. It would be such a God-send for my devoted husband to have a Healthy work station after alllllll these years. We are 6 months in to AIP. I had my first salad in 7 Years – yes, 7 Years! – on Valentine’s Day, thanks to AIP / PALEO, a feat that my gastroenterologist said would Never be possible!! It’s a delicate, difficult journey, but we are feeling Better and Hopeful now that we’ve found AIP / PALEO! Thanks for the opportunity to win this AND the Coaching from You ( that’s thee part that I NEED THE MOST!!!!!!!! ). More importantly, Grateful HUGS for You and Sarah for ALL that you do!!

  11. I have been wanting one of these ever since I became aware of their existence! I work from home. On my computer. All. Day. Long. I’m forever sitting with sporadic bouts of rolling out my back and hips, taking time to work in the kitchen or a walk around the neighborhood because my pooch is an antsy pants. I have chronic low back pain and the sitting is killing me. A treadmill desk would be an incredible support to my business and my body! Thanks for running this contest. And thanks for providing so many of us with hope, help and authenticity!

  12. I would love to win this amazing prize. I work in a cube at work under low lighting and find myself hunched over so much I’ve developed terrible neck and back pain. This would help so much in my healing.

  13. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with celiac disease. I kept myself on a strict gluten free diet and then when I wasn’t getting better I started seeking help from holistic medicine. I was cross reacting on almost all foods so they recommended I go paleo. Now I have been strictly paleo for 2 years and I am still reacting on quite a few foods and my integrative doctor is saying I have a leaky gut. I just discovered your book Sarah, the Paleo Approach, just two days ago. I immediately downloaded it and am reading it every night after work. I have been listening to the Paleo View podcasts as well. I am determined to heal my gut and feel better. I would love the assistance from Emma to help me determine why I’m not getting better and what I can do to get better!

    In addition I work from home as a relocation consultant and work around 12 -15 hours a day sitting at my desk. My veins on my ankles and feet are red and purple. I would love to win the treadmill desk with all the hours I am sitting and to help me on my journey of good health.

  14. I have RA and Hashi’s, and have been following Paleo for nine months. I’ve struggled to go fully AIP compliant, but am considering that step as I continue to face issues with my thyroid. I already have a standing desk, but a treadmill desk would help me get the steps in I’ve been struggling with b/c of the number of hours I spend in front of my computer.

  15. My body needs this desk!! I am sitting all day long working, sometimes I go all day without even a bathroom break, its crazy! I hipe I win, I really need tgis desk to get up off my butt.

  16. I would love a treadmill desk! I am recovering from adrenal fatigue and Crohn’s disease and have had several past injuries as well as neuropathy from the waste down. My PT said I need more gentle cardio movement to help my neuropathy! It would be great to do my computer work while walking to build back some strength in my legs and have better posture while working to reduce back pain!

  17. I would love a treadmill desk to take the danger of working away! I am planning to spend hours writing and working my online business this fall and winter and a treadmill desk would help be make this a plus in my life, physically. What a cool idea!!!!!

  18. I have a couple of autoimmune issues and a mast cell disorder. My husband starting working from home a couple of years ago to help take care of me. He is awesome but struggles to find time to move. His ankles and feet are often swollen. Winning this trekdesk would be a wonderful way that I could help and nurture his health, a way I could give back.

  19. What an amazingly generous giveaway. I’ve been eagerly reading your blog, and I’ve already found things to incorporate into my aip lifestyle. Of course I’d love to win the treadmill desk because come on, it’s mind-boggling, but I’d also be so thrilled to get the mini sessions. I’m facing a difficult road right now, and movement, diet, stress reduction and good sleep are all things that can possibly mitigate dementia. I wish I’d understood about leaky gut and stress when I first found myself in autoimmune hell, but better later than never. Thank you for the giveaway, and thanks for your consistent message of hope.

  20. This is an awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone who entered, sounds like we all could use one of these desks! 😀
    I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been dealing with a series of infections, rashes, and general malaise. I also recently graduated with my MA in Professional Counseling, but haven’t been able to do much job hunting or work on getting my license, due to chronic fatigue and illness.
    The last time I felt really good was when I was eating low-carb (modified Paleo) and lifting weights at the gym, but during my last two years of school, I drifted back into carbs and let my gym membership go. I have a treadmill, guess it’s time to dust it off, lube up the belts, and try more movement. I’m working on eliminating the carbs back out of my diet and cooking more instead of reaching for the tortillas and bread…

  21. I was just told by my doctor that I have metabolic chaos. Time to change everything and every where I can. I love being able to multi task!! My family could benefit from this as well

  22. This would be great for my husband! He is a web developer and has said a walking desk would be wonderful, we just don’t have the money! Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  23. I’ve been wanting one of these– also have RA, am a working mom and have such a hard time getting my exercise in. The diet part is easy, IMO! Thanks for this giveaway!

  24. I would love this desk because I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Exercise really helps clear my head and leaves me happier. I have a very hard time walking outdoors in the winter months and would love to have this to help me be a better mom and wife.

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