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Anybody who knows me, knows that from an early age I’ve been inquisitive and been driven by the desire to learn about things that intuitively I am drawn to  and answer questions that I’ve felt at the time I’ve needed to uncover.  

I’ve studied reflexology, massage, psychotherapy, faith healing, astronomy, color therapy, crystal healing, juicing and many other alternative healing therapies as I’ve helped my body cope with, what I now know was Autoimmune Disease.

This is a story common to many of us with Autoimmune Disease who have suffered unexplained symptoms ranging from depression to exhaustion & fatigue to cramping stomach complaints to constipation to infertility to severe skin conditions often being told that its psychological or misdiagnosed with other diseases which mimic Autoimmune Diseases.

Finding doctors who will take the time to listen, order the right tests, be able to interpret those tests and act on them sadly are few and far between, certainly in mainstream medicine.  Thankfully many Functional Doctors are educated and are ordering the right tests but if you are anything like me I want to understand exactly what those tests really mean.  It took many years but I have been incredibly lucky in finding a Functional Doctor who was happy to sit and explain each and every test I’ve ever taken but what if you can’t find a doctor locally who will order those tests –  then what do you do?

Test – Clear – Heal is a revolutionary group coaching program that starts  February 16 2015 offered by Anne Angelone MS., L.Ac

Anne is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist dedicated to reversing autoimmune et al chronic disease with diet and natural medicine. Anne complements her practice of Chinese Medicine with Functional Medicine and Paleo nutrition to effectively serve patients suffering from chronic immune and inflammatory conditions. The Group Coaching Program is aimed at helping YOU learn about the best functional medicine tests to order for autoimmune and inflammatory disease and how to interpret the results.  This will be a Video Driven Education, paired with a Secret Facebook group to support you through the process and journey.

This program is going to empower so many people to explore, understand and act on their own health and I’m excited to say that not only will I be participating BUT that I will be acting as Teachers Aid following my graduation as a Certified Health Coach! I am excited to be part of the program and look forward to supporting other participants and sharing my experiences relating to lifestyle, diet and nutrition.

 If you are interested in furthering your knowledge to heal from your autoimmune disease or inflammatory illness, I strongly recommend this program. The program starts on February 16 and further information can be found here

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